Five years ago my family and I met Richard and Arleene and their enchanting dogs, Sadie and Willie in the benching area of The Westminster Dog Show. We instantly fell in love. We had our own "Sadie" and "Willie" back home, but ours were Norwich Terriers. We vowed then and there that someday we would bring a mini-wire haired dachshund in to our family and asked Richard to put us on his notification list. And so he did. Over the years, I have received emails announcing litters and puppy availability. But the timing was never right. A couple of weeks ago, we received an email from Richard saying that he was looking to find homes for a few of his older dogs, one of which was Sadie and Willie's granddaughter, little "Rachel Relish." Rachel would be turning two on an auspicious day, my daughter's 15th birthday and my mother's 80th birthday. It was kismet. Though our own Sadie passed away two years ago, Willy is still with us at the age of 13 along with his brother Elroy, our two year old Yorkie. It seemed we had found our time.

I contacted Richard right away for more information about Rachel. He described her as loving and sweet and affectionate. As we live in Connecticut, we moved forward trying to figure out how to get to L.A. to meet Rachel. The travel plans seemed insurmountable until Richard made an extraordinarily grand offer. He would fly Rachel to us! And so he did. Last Friday night after almost 11 hours of travel time due to delays, Rachel and Richard arrived at JFK airport in New York. The rest is history. Rachel, now going by the name of "Georgie" has adapted fabulously to her new home. She, Willy and little Elroy get along famously and the five human members of the family are all "in love."

Both my husband and I have had dogs all of our lives and we have always been a "terrier" family. But that has changed. (Though to be fair, there is terrier in the mini-wire haired dachshund). Richard and Arleene have raised the most enchanting little dog and my family will be forever grateful for his bringing her (literally) in to our lives. She brings us all untold joy and love. She not only has an amazingly sweet and loving disposition, but she is beautiful and is the picture of good health. What more could we ask for? It is abundantly clear how much these little dogs mean to Richard and Arleene and what a great job they do breeding not only healthy beautiful dogs, but those with extraordinary temperaments. It is hard enough to part with puppies, but to let go of a dog that has been part of your family for years is extra hard. Richard went out of his way to make sure that Rachel was placed in the perfect home where she would be loved and cared for.The sound of Georgie's little feet scampering up the stairs, the sound of her tail thumping when you rub her belly, her little face emerging from under the covers at night when she wants a rub and the vision of her frolicking in the yard with her new brothers just makes our hearts soar. She is so happy in her new home and we are nothing but thrilled to have her.
Thank you Richard and Arleene!

Hildi Silbert


I first met the Van Elgorts while at the Grove one day. I frequent there and any time I see someone walking a dachshund, I chase them down, so naturally I did the same with them. I'm sure at first they thought I was crazy, but the second I expressed my love for dachshunds, their excitement and passion for the breed could not be contained. I don't even remember how long I sat and talked with them about their dogs, but over the next year, I ran into them several times at the Grove and chased them down each time so we could share in our love of the dogs. The second they told me that they were expecting a litter in the next several months, I could think of nothing else but how much I wanted one of the puppies. Unfortunately, I was not sure if it would become a reality. Several months later, I spotted them with one of the puppies, and the rest is history. It was love at first sight, and there was no turning back; I had to have Bug.

The Van Elgorts were not only immensely hospitable and welcoming to me joining their, in a way, "family," but since I have had Bug, it is very obvious of not only the quality of the bloodline which they breed, but also the care they take in loving and caring for their dogs, continuing even after the puppies have gone to live in new homes. I have never encountered a smarter, sweeter, more loveable puppy than Bug and words cannot express my gratitude toward the Van Elgorts.

Danielle Mihora
Note: "Bug" is "Michael Mustard"


"We met Mr. Van Elgort and Grand Ch "Willie" at the Hotel Pennsylvania in 2009 completely by accident (or kismet!). We were in NYC to attend the Westminster Dog Show just for fun. We had an elderly mini-wire rescue at the time and were smitten with the breed. Although we are "rescue" people by nature, we had decided to try and find a mini wire pup and expose her to our lifestyle from 8 wks on....meaning air travel, many outdoor activities, life in a New England coastal city. "Willie" was everything we were looking for: smart but calm, able to be handled by strangers but clearly devoted to his owner....and incredibly handsome. We had the good fortune a year later to visit the Van Elgorts at their home and meet the rest of the pack, Sadie (mother to be), Annie and Freddie. Here we are 1 1/2 years later with a 3 month old female, wild boar beauty named Ella! The Van Elgorts kept us informed every step of the way: heat cycle, breeding, ultrasound and x-ray results, birth, littermates' weight, growth, development, temperament!

I look at Ella every day with great appreciation. She is smart as a whip, perfectly healthy, has not met a person or dog she does not like, not at all barky, knows how to settle herself down, has a very even temperament, stays with us when off leash at the beach or in the woods. Her appearance is simply a work of art! She is true wild boar with all the desired wire "furnishings".

The Van Elgorts created a wonderful pet for us. They truly exceeded our hopes and expectations."

Martin and Kathleen Hoerbinger


I met Arleene and Richard Van Elgort by chance one day when they were out with Freddie, Annie, Willie and Sadie (parents to be). I grew up with Doxies so I naturally went crazy when I saw all those adorable wieners.

Although my husband and I have had Golden Retrievers for the past twenty years, I have always hoped to add a Doxie to our family of four legged children.

We kept in touch throughout Sadie's pregnancy. I actually got to meet the puppies when they were 4 days old. They welcomed me to visit anytime I wanted. I received pictures almost daily of how the puppies were progressing. It was obvious that this was a very special breeder; the puppies were receiving so much love and attention from the moment they were born.

I brought my little girl home at 12 weeks old. She came to us completely crate trained; the first night she happily snuggled up in her crate and went to sleep without even a whimper. Much to my shock, our puppy was practically housebroken too!!

Being so secure and socialized helped our little Doxie girl win the hearts of her two big Golden "brothers."

Thank you to the Van Elgorts for enriching our lives with "Mitzie."

Linda Landau


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